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Austin City Architect Interviewed on Hill Country Institute Live

How do we think about urban planning with the mind of Christ?
How do we care for God's creation in a Biblically informed way and manage transportation for a growing city?
How do we housing for lower middle-class families and foster community in city planning?

Kit Johnson is someone who works with these issues on a daily basis.  He's also someone who lives out his faith as he does his job.  Kit is the City Architect for Austin, Texas.

Larry interviewed Kit on Hill Country Institute Live.  You can enjoy their chat here:

A Rocha International Featured on HCI LIVE

Larry interviewed Peter and Miranda Harris, the co-founders of A Rocha, an environmental stewardship ministry with projects and teams in 19 countries around the world.  Carson Dickie, the U.S. Director of Project Development, also participated in the program.  A Rocha builds international, cross-cultural teams to do scientific research, provide environmental education, and work on projects and activities related to caring for creation as God does.

Their practical conservation activities give them credibility in the conservation world.  While A Rocha is distinctively Christian, they choose not to speak exclusively to Christian audiences, so their work is showing God's love for ALL creation, including all people.  Four distinctives which characterize A Rocha are: 1) their conviction that Christ is Lord; 2) practical action; 3) credible advocacy; and 4) diversity of cultures.

Often it is the poor who suffer first when the environment is damaged, so A Rocha believes the environment is an issue of justice.  They also encourage Christians to be involved in conservation out of obedience, hope and love.  A Rocha is Portugese for "The Rock", giving a colorful double meaning of Christ the Rock and bringing a Christian approach to creation care.

In the interview, Larry and the Harrises and Carson Dickie discussed the organization's approach to community building and support of local methods in the context of projects in locals as varied as Ghana, Portugal, and a ranch in Texas.

Find out more about A Rocha here.

Enjoy Larry's interview with Peter and Miranda Harris and Carson Dickie of A Rocha by clicking on the player below.

HCI Live Interviews an Austin-Based C.S. Lewis Scholar

This past Saturday on Hill Country Institute Live, we had the privilege of interviewing Joel Heck, Professor of Theology at Concordia University at Austin and teaches courses on Lewis and his friend, J.R.R. Tolkien.  Joel is a "go-to person" for all things C.S. Lewis.  He is the author and editor of thirteen books, most recently a reprint of the Socratic Digest, a little known record of most of the meetings of the Oxford Socratic Club (1942-1954) during the years that C.S. Lewis was its president.  Dr. Heck spent the fall of 2004 on sabbatical in Oxford, working with Walter Hooper on Vol. III of Lewis's Collected Letters, and in 2012 he spent his sabbatical in Cambridge, working on Lewis's Cambridge connection.  Larry interviewed him Saturday on Hill Country Institute Live, our new radio program. They talked about Hobbits, JRR Tolkien, Middle Earth, and the battle between good and evil.

You can enjoy the interview here:

Andy Crouch on Hill Country Institute Live

This past Saturday on Hill Country Institute Live, we had the privilege of interviewing Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today and a keen observer of trends and movements in the Body of Christ.  Larry talked with Andy about his most recent book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power, as well as Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.  Andy is an important voice for encouraging us as we seek to live our faith as image bearers sustained by hope of the incarnation.

You can listen to the interview here:

Hill Country Institue Live with Walter Bradley

Larry's special guest on the December 14 broadcast of  Hill Country Institute Live was Walter Bradley, Professor Emeritus at Baylor University.  Walter is always fun and interesting to talk with, and his interview with Larry was just that.  You can listen to the interview recording here:

Hill Country Institute Goes on Air

December 7 Hill Country Institute took the conversation about Christ and Culture to the airwaves with a new radio broadcast called Hill Country Institute Live: Exploring Christ and Culture.  Broadcast live every Saturday at 1pm CST, the show is hosted by our Executive Director, Larry Linenschmidt, and will feature interviews and Q&A's with Christian leaders who are considering and acting on key questions of our day.  How do we show the heart and mind of Christ to a watching world?  How do we interact with those who are not Christ followers to address major issues of our day?  How do we reconcile differences on issues of faith and cross-generational, racial, and other barriers to acting as the Body of Christ and advancing the kingdom in our time?

You can listen to the live broadcast each Saturday at 1pm CST on "The Word" KLGO Radio AM 1490 or online at klgo.net.  Listeners are able to call in with questions for the program guest.  We will also be posting recordings of the shows on our website each week.

The first guest was Louis Markos, a C.S. Lewis Scholar at Houston Baptist University.  Larry and Louis had a very interesting discussion about the writings of C.S. Lewis.

Hill Country Institute Live: Exploring Christ and Culture
Program 1 - Louis Markos

(NOTE:  Program begins at 3:23 on the player)

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow Can Stop an HCI Celebration

In spite of freezing rain and bitterly cold temperatures, almost all registered guests braved the weather and joined in a beautiful evening of commemorating the life and legacy of C.S. Lewis.  What do you do when you're expecting 79 people for a dinner to be served on an outdoor terrace, and the temperature outside is 32 degrees, the north wind is blowing, AND it's raining?  You convert your Chairman of the Board's home into a restaurant!  Dan and Judith Heinze's home was transformed into a warm, cozy restaurant so we could all enjoy laughter, good food, sweet fellowship, and a beautiful interpretation of Lewis' "The Weight of Glory".  Many thanks to all of you who made the trek out to the Texas Hill Country in spite of the weather.  Enjoy the photos here.

Thoughtful Talks on the Intersection of Faith and Art Now Online

Is your church a place where artists feel welcome?  What is your church's response to art? Are you interested in exploring the ways in which we can encourage a more theologically informed, biblically grounded, liturgically sensitve, artistically alive and missionally shrewd vision for the Church and the arts? Consider this relationship and listen to talks by some of the leaders in this exploration for The Church today:  Jeremy Begbie, Andy Crouch, Barbara Nicolosi, Eugene Peterson, David Taylor, and John Witvliet.

The recordings are available in our Resource library as either audio or video recordings.  Enjoy them at no cost.  CDs and DVDs can be purchased through our online store.

CS Lewis Conference Recordings are Now Available

Recordings of each of the plenary talks and the panel discussion from the recent C.S. Lewis conference, C.S. Lewis and the Divine Presence, are now available online in the Resources section of this site. Click on the category "C.S. Lewis and Friends".  These recordings can be streamed online at no cost.  DVDs are available for purchase in our online store.

Reading List and Quotes/Prayers from C.S. Lewis Conference Available Online

The C.S. Lewis Conference at Trinity University on April 13 proved to be a soul-stirring, mind stretching event.  The speakers, musicians, and artists helped stimulate both our right brains and left brains. A day full of thought-provoking and heart moving talks, beautiful music from a variety of musicians, and an incredible concert by The Brilliance in the evening. Thanks to all who attended! We look forward to doing more events in San Antonio.  The audio/video recordings will be published on our website around mid-May.  You can continue your study of Lewis' works and his ideas through the numerous resources which were listed in the conference program. That list can be downloaded here.