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HCI is Co-Sponsoring "A Christmas With C.S. Lewis" This December in San Antonio

The year is 1963 and C S Lewis, the famous British author, is in the twilight years of his life.  Following a request from his great friend, J.R. R. Tolkien, he has agreed to give an informal talk to a group of American writers who are visiting England.

They have come to Lewis’ home, just outside of Oxford, and are eagerly anticipating hearing the man who has become a legend in his own lifetime.

They are not disappointed. Despite his failing health, Lewis is in great form.

His audience is spellbound as, with a display of oratory and humor that made him one of England’s most famous public speakers, he tells them the stories of his associations, his writing, his family, his faith, and his great love.

British actor David Payne, a friend of Hill Country Institute who has performed at our events, captures the essence of the man who created the Narnia Chronicles and who wrote The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, Grief Observed, and many other literary works, in an enthralling, laughter‐filled and poignant performance...utterly captivating!

David is bringing the performance to San Antonio December 7, 2012, at the Fine Arts Center at the University of the Incarnate Word.


Reserved Seating:  $25

General Admission:  $15

For more information and to purchase tickets, go to KSLR Radio's website.

C.S. Lewis Retreat October 2012

As many of you have requested, Hill Country Institute is presenting a C.S. Lewis Retreat in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, this October 12-13 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Jerry Root, Professor at Wheaton College, Associate Director, Billy Graham Institute for Strategic Evangelism; and Director, Wheaton Evangelism Institute will be our guest speaker. Jerry is a frequent speaker at C.S. Lewis events around the world and iis the author of C.S. Lewis and A Problem of Evil, co-editor of The Quotable Lewis, co-editor and contributor to The Soul of C.S. Lewis: A Meditative Journey Through 26 of His Best Loved Writings, and a contributor to several other books on the works of Lewis.  He has a particular interest in developing the whole person in their walk of faith, and has found the works of C.S. Lewis and friends to be a very helpful guide for this journey.

Find out all the details here

Robert Woodberry – The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy

Robert D. Woodberry was the speaker at our Noontime Luncheon Lecture in May. His talk, “From Abolutionism to Environmentalism: The Impact of Christianity on Cultural Transformation” was a fascinating examination of the standard theories for why democracy has emerged in some places but not in others and the role Christianity has played in this. Hear a recording of Bob’s talk HERE.

His recent article, “Missionary Roots Of Liberal Democracy” in the American Political Science Review is reinvigorating interest in the link between religion and political outcomes around the world and throughout history. An accompanying Appendix: Additional Regressions gives substantive data supporting and expounding on Bob’s theses.

Noontime Luncheon Lecture – Suffering and Evil: Allowed by a Good God? Why?

Robert Koons, Professor of Philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin, was the speaker at the second luncheon in our noontime luncheon lecture series. Rob spoke on the problem of “theodicy”: justifying the goodness and love of God given the wickedness and suffering in the world He made and sustained. Hear how Christian truth can be defended against this challenge and how atheistic arguments from evil are much weaker than they seem at first.

Rob Koons has been teaching metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophical logic, and ancient and midieval philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin for over 24 years.  He is a senior fellow with the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and the Witherspoon Institute.  Having written numerous articles, papers, and books, he is also the president of the Texas Association of Scholars and Senator-at-Large of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honor society.

Listen to Rob’s presentation here:

Noontime Luncheon Lecture: From Abolutionism to Environmentalism: The Impact of Christianity on Cultural Transformation

This was the inaugural event in our new Noontime Luncheon Lecture Series.

The impact of Christianity is often portrayed negatively in academia, the popular media, and especially by folks such as Dawkins, Hitchens, and other New Atheists. Of course, every large group has done both negative and positive things, but how can we know the overall impact of Christianity in a more neutral, less anecdotal way?

This lecture, presented by Bob Woodberry, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, included real stories of the impact Christianity has had and is having on cultural and social movements and change around the world. Mr. Woodberry has done extensive research across the globe to study how Christianity has impacted both economic and political climate of nations. In education, human rights, politics, technology, economics, and many other aspects of society, Christianity has had significant influence, but often goes unmentioned. Regardless of how one evaluates these changes, the impact has been profound.

Bob grew up in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and has worked in China and Japan and has traveled to over 55 countries. 

Listen to Bob’s presentation here:

For more information on the luncheon lectures or to submit requests for topics to be covered or speakers to be invited, contact:

Larry Linenschmidt
Executive Director
Hill Country Institute

Hill Country Institute is Co-Sponsoring C3: Christ, Church and Culture Conference This March

C3: March 1-3, 2012

C3: Christ, Church, Culture Conference - Hill Country Institute is working with St. George’s Institute in Nashville to put on a remarkable event on March 1-3, 2012. The 3-day event with internationally renowned speakers and local workshop leaders will help participants better understand our wider culture and its influences. Featuring keynote speakers Andy Crouch, Makoto Fujimura, George Carey, James K.A. Smith, and Kenda Creasy Dean, C3 will offer 3 days of insight, inspiration and tools to help anyone who wants to be more influential at church, in the workplace, and at home.

Vibrant Dance of Faith & Science Theology Edition!

In the first event, "How Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science", we addressed the key and widely held error that science refutes Christianity. We heard from Christians who are scientists how the evidence from the scientific discoveries of the past hundred years consistently and preferentially supports a Christian view of the cosmos.

In the second event of the Initiative, or what we are calling the "Theology Edition", we seek to enhance awareness and harmony in the Church by hearing from orthodox Christian theologians, but with a spectrum of views on origins and other science-related issues. Such a dialogue in itself suggests that a range of Biblical interpretations is consistent with the essential core Christian doctrines. Join us in Houston Texas on October 28-29, 2011.  Click for the event website and more details.