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FLOURISH - Embracing a Life of Love, Risk and True Power

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What does human flourishing look like? Is it possible today? If so, how? How can power be used to help others flourish? 

We all know how power can be used to tear down others. Can it be used to build up? To bring life and freedom to others? If so, how? 

What hinders human flourishing? What are the idols that we set up in our own lives and in our societies that snatch away all that is good and beautiful? 

How does power lead to injustice and yet be used to defeat injustice?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in an Evening With Andy Crouch, Sunday, June 14, at Ballet Austin.

Join us for an evening of music, art, a presentation and discussion that will help you think about what it really means for humans to flourish, both as individuals as well as societies, and what the implications are for your own life. There will be opportunity for Q&A after Andy's presentation, so come ready for an exciting evening. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015  |  6:00pm

6:00pm Reception with Austin Guitarist, Paul Finley

6:40pm Seating

Ballet Austin; 501 W. 3rd St. 

Tickets:  $12.50 online (through 2pm day of the event)  /  $17.50 at the door


Andy Crouch is Executive Editor at Christianity Today. He is the author of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling and Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power, as well as articles which have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and many other publications. He served as Executive Producer for the documentary films Where Faith and Culture Meet and Round Trip. Andy is a Senior Fellow of the International Justice Mission’s IJM Institute and a member of the Board of Advisors for the John Templeton Foundation.  A classically-trained musician who draws on pop, folk, rock, jazz, and gospel, he has led musical worship for congregations of 5 to 20,000. 

I am also practicing cello to wean myself from power and accomplishment, to place myself back in the posture of a learner, cultivator, and creator. To become a bit like a child. To detoxify from the too-ready recognition and privilege that accompany even the most modest forms of success, to become available again for something surprising and new. Just as children flourish by growing into adults, so adults flourish by cultivating childlikeness, avoiding the spiritual hardening of the arteries that comes with competence and experience.
― Andy Crouch, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power     

The powerful have a hard time seeing their own power and its effects. We do not see when our exercise of power is cutting off life and possibility for others; we do not see the ways others are resisting or undermining our own power.
― Andy Crouch, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power     

True greatness and true power is faithful all the way down, including humbly quick to admit limitedness, sin and brokenness, and to ask for forgiveness.
― Andy Crouch, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power   

Culture-I think the best way to think of it is everything that human beings make of the world. That includes the arts—it includes movies, television and film. But it also includes buildings, and clothing and food. It’s all of human activity, trying to make something of the world—make stuff, but also makes sense of the world. It’s the human quest to make something of the world.
— Andy Crouch

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