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Celebrating the Way of St. Patrick March 17-18

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mark your calendars now and start making plans to head to Fredericksburg March 17, 2017, for a special event, "Celebrating the Way of St. Patrick" in which we will look at Patrick's model of reaching beyond the church with courage and a culturally sensitive message. Shamrocks, green beer, great food, and a celebration of "Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me" - in our time. 

Patrick knew better. In a strange and beautiful turn of providence, he had spent six years among them as a captive, learned their language, and developed a heart for the Irish. Like Joseph sold into slavery to one day save Egypt and his brothers, so God sent Patrick into slavery to ready Ireland for a coming salvation.

God arrested him with severe mercy. He was kidnapped at age 16 by Irish raiders and taken back to Ireland, where he served as a slave for six years under a tribal chief, who was also a druid. While a slave in Ireland, God opened his eyes to the gospel of his childhood. It was as a captive that he came to understand the Irish Celtic people, and their language and culture, with a kind of intuitive profundity that is usually possible only, as in Patrick’s case, from the underside. When he eventually escaped from slavery, he was a changed man, now a Christian from the heart. He studied for the ministry, and led a parish in Britain for nearly 20 years.

He wanted to see the gospel penetrate deeply into the Irish culture and produce an indigenous movement. Having lived among the people and gained understanding of how they believed, what was important to them, how they lived, what their issues were, and what they cared about, he was able to show them he understood them and loved them and thus gained their trust. People knew he genuinely cared about them, so they listened to him. And they learned about the God who loves them. 

This event will be held at the beautiful home of Dan and Judith Heinze, La Hacienda Te Damos Gracias, just down the road from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. 

Details and registration can be found here.