C.S. Lewis and the Divine Presence:
Living the Mystery of the Indwelling God 

April 13, 2013

Laurie Auditorium, Trinity University

San Antonio, Texas 

9:00am - 9:00pm

Presented by Hill Country Institute and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Trinity University


Guest Speakers:

Professor Lyle Dorsett, Beeson Divinity School
Bishop William Frey: Ret. Episcopal Bishop of CO
Marjorie Mead: Associate Director, The Wade Center, Wheaton College
Professor Jerry Root: Wheaton College


Adult:  $65*
Student (with ID):  $25*
Concert Only:  $15
*Includes full-day program, two meals, refreshments and ticket
to live concert

Live In Concert: 7:00pm - April 13, 2013:
Ticket included with purchase of conference registration




Download Reading List and Quotes/Prayers from Conference Program

You can continue your study of the works of Lewis through the numerous resources that were listed in the conference program.  In case you misplaced your program or you wish to share the list with others, you can download a PDF version of just the reading list here:

God is good. But modern man often seems bent on believing otherwise. His motive for doing so may be reflected in the confession of Orual in Till We Have Faces: “ ‘Do you think the mortals will find you gods easier to bear if you’re beautiful?...We want to be our own.’” The darkness in the world did not overcome the Light Who came, incarnate, into the world. And it is this Light that enters into all who believe in Him. Of the utter purity of the Light none who know it will question. The whole burden of Lewis’s writing, and of this book, is that we must become
…as glass
To let the white light without flame, the Father pass Unstained.

And this is the terror, and this is the glory.
Real Presence: The Christian Worldview of C.S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality, Leanne Payne (quotes from Till We Have Faces and Pilgrim’s Regress by C.S. Lewis) 


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