Praying and Caring for Those Who Teach

Resources for A Day of Prayer for Teachers

Teaching is a serious and sacred calling. Whether in a public school, private school, home school, graduate program, or any other setting, teachers have an enormous influence on human culture and the course of individual lives. John Wooden, head basketball coach at UCLA, once said, "I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession." Teachers work with students in their most formative time of life. They can set the tone of hope or lack of meaning from an early age.

Teachers need our prayers. There are many ways to pray and care for teachers, and we should do this throughout the school year. Churches, individuals, parent groups, Sunday school classes, anyone can set aside a dedicated time to pray for teachers. A structured service, such as the one linked to below, a group meeting at a home, a prayer walk around a school campus, and even praying in the car while driving by a campus are just a few of the many ways we can pray for the teachers amongst us. We've heard of several parent groups which meet on a monthly basis to pray for their children's schools and teachers throughout the year. 

Perhaps your church may want to establish a special Day of Prayer for Teachers, such as First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio does. Understanding that many churches and individual Christians already take time to pray for teachers before classes start each fall and some throughout the year, First Presbyterian Church feels this practice of praying for teachers is so important that it is worth heralding it and giving it a name and a time; hence, they established a specific date for praying for teachers each year before the new school year begins.

Whether declaring a specific Day Of Prayer for Teachers at your church or committing to lift up the teachers you know throughout the school year, feel free to use the resources below to help bring focus and meaning to your prayer time.


Click the image and select the category "The Sacred Work of Teachers" to hear 4 stories of Christians who are leading educators of children reflecting on how their faith in Christ affects their work and the students they serve, and clarifying the significance of prayer to the challenges and blessings of teaching. Each of these stories is being broadcast through the month of August, 2015, on Hill Country Institute Live: Exploring Christ & Culture radio program as part of our special series on "The Sacred Work of Teaching". They can also be downloaded from the Hill Country Institute Live podcast,  or from iTunes or any other podcast app.


"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"

—Nelson Mandela

Click the image to find other quotes from great leaders/authors such as Winston Churchill, Aristotle, and C.S. Lewis about education and teaching.


Click the image to download scriptures related to teaching. Use these for your own personal study, to help you pray for educators, for constructing your own Day of Prayer for Teachers, or however is most helpful. Use this list as a starting point for adding more that you find!


Click the image to download sample prayers that can be used in A Day of Prayer for Teachers on August 23 and throughout the year. Individuals, groups, congregations, Sunday School classes, etc. can set aside time to pray for teachers. 


Click the image to download a complete prayer service for teachers including prayers, a brief message about the sacred work of teaching, and affirmations of faith. This is meant to be used by any size group and modified for use by churches or in other settings.


Click the image to access a list of resources including websites and articles to inspire and equip teachers.