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Photos from the Creation Conference are Now Online!

Check out the photos to get a glimpse of what took place Click here to access images from the Creation: Biblical Options event. See the venue, the speakers, the interaction, and you might even see yourself! Feel free to download the photos as you wish.

Christian Vision vs. Naturalistic Vision: What is at Stake?

Why is it so important for Christians to be able to discuss these issues with Grace?

Andy Crouch Andy Crouch, Senior Editor of Christianity Today International, issues a call for Graceful Discourse among brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christianity and science are like neighbors who share a long, contested border. At stake in the way we relate to our scientific "neighbors" are matters of ultimate concern, including the credibility of Christianity and the flourishing of human beings as the image bearers of the world's Creator and Lord. Yet, precisely because of our faith, we are able to engage these significant issues with grace instead of legalism, hope instead of fear, and love for our neighbors, both in the secular world and within the diversity of the Christian community.

Download an audio recording of Andy's presentation, which was given as a plenary session at the Vibrant Dance Symposium.