The Story

How did the Vibrant Dance of Faith & Science initiative come about?

It's a story about God working in people's lives. It's a story about God leading two men who'd never met before to an intersection formed out of common experience and common vision.

For over thirty years Dan Heinze, when at church, would be asked (in various forms): "You're a scientist? I thought you were a Christian!"; and at work, the reverse: "You're a Christian? I thought you were a scientist."

Christ used these experiences as well as the building of a personal apologetic to confirm in Dan a mission and passion for communicating the truth that "Science supports Christianity and Christianity explains science." In other words, the revelation of God in His Word and His Creation will ultimately be seen to be consistent with and mutually reinforcing of science.

Larry Linenschmidt and Dan became friends through the C. S. Lewis conferences and other forums which Larry directed, and they joined forces to communicate the truth about faith and science that is so widely misunderstood. In the process of pursuing this mission, Christ has brought Larry and Dan to the awareness of a number of other important faith and science related issues such as the mind/brain problem and the image of humankind, climate prediction and creation care.

In terms of priority and immediate need, however, Larry and Dan feel most strongly called to help create safe places where the sometimes difficult interaction between faith and science can be thoroughly explored in an atmosphere of mutual respect and grace.


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