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Vision and Purpose

Introducing the "Theology Edition" of the Vibrant Dance of Faith & Science Initiative

"Creation: Biblical Options — A Gracious Dialogue" is part of the Vibrant Dance of Faith & Science Initiative of the Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

In the first event, "How Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science", we addressed the key and widely held error that science refutes Christianity. We heard from Christians who are scientists how the evidence from the scientific discoveries of the past hundred years consistently and preferentially supports a Christian view of the cosmos.

In the second event of the Initiative, or what we are calling the "Theology Edition", we seek to enhance awareness and harmony in the Church by hearing from orthodox Christian theologians, but with a spectrum of views on origins and other science-related issues. Such a dialogue in itself suggests that a range of Biblical interpretations is consistent with the essential core Christian doctrines.

What's Really at Stake?
Much friction, division, and conflict exists in the Church and in churches today over the interpretation of passages on origins in the Bible and their impact on essential core Christian doctrines. Some in the various factions believe that Christianity itself is at stake, but for very different reasons. If the stakes are actually that high, then the stridency in some interactions is understandable.

But how valid are these or other lines of reasoning that are being expressed in the "conversation"? For the most part, the level of stridency and lack of charity in the blogosphere and elsewhere prevent a rational and spiritually discerning evaluation of God's revelation of Himself in the Bible and in creation.

A Safe Forum for Gracious, Lively Dialogue
Creation: Biblical Options will provide a forum for gracious dialogue imbued with mutual respect among thoughtful, prominent Christian theologians and teachers. In our present human state, we all "see through a glass darkly", we are told that our minds cannot conceive fully what God is doing, and God tells us that some mysteries He is revealing to the Church and some He is not. There are hermeneutical tensions and theological "costs" for any position that we take.

What are the tensions and costs that we personally are most comfortable with? Creation: Biblical Options/A Gracious Dialogue is designed to be a safe place where loving, wise, discerning Christian leaders will help us see different possibilities regarding what God is revealing in His word and gain an understanding and appreciation for different tensions and costs that others are more comfortable with.

Good Food - Texas Hospitality - Theological Reflection
World-class, orthodox Christian theologians have agreed to join in worship, gracious dialogue and debate with mutual respect to help the Church reduce the level of fear, separation, and conflict within the body of Christ over origins and related issues.

Together, we'll seek to understand the tensions, strengths, and weaknesses of each position, their relationships, and their alleged and real impacts on theology and doctrines.

Come join us as we serve up genuine Texas hospitality and Bar-B-Q and explore the possibilities.

I John 1:7    But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.

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