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We have an incredible opportunity before us.

As some cultures have become more secular over the past hundred years, the truth that:

Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science has not been readily disclosed or at times has been actually suppressed.

Please help us in inviting others to consider the truth that most scientific discoveries of the past hundred years have supported a Christian view of the universe much better than the atheistic perspective.

For example:

  1. The universe had a beginning.
  2. The universe had a very special beginning.
  3. The universe has a very special design.
  4. The universe has unfolded in surprising ways.
  5. Some examples of those surprising ways are:
    • The earth is very special.  Given our best understanding of the currently known physical laws and the observations of the galaxies, stars and planets in the universe, it is not a likely event that an earth such as ours would appear. Although there are so many galaxies and stars, the likelihood of an Earth is so low that ours is probably the only one.  Even secular works such as Rare Earth by Ward and Brownlee, declare this emphatically.
    • Life itself
    • “Intelligent” life is the biggest surprise of all.


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