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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions I

Tuesday, October 26,  7:35-8:45 PM
NOTE:  All sessions will be a Question and Answer format

1.      Andy Crouch:  Going Forward in the Faith & Science Dialogue.

2.      Ross Hastings:  Faith & Science and Community and Diversity in the Body of Christ.

3.      Dan Heinze:  Knowledge, Limits and Mystery in Science and Theology.

4.      Hugh Ross:  More on Cosmic Reasons: Did God Supernaturally Design the Universe for Man's Benefit?

5.      Fazale Rana:  Challenges in the Life Sciences: Origin of Life, Cambrian Explosion, Mass Extinctions, Rapid Evolution, and Origin of Man; a Model for Their Relationship to a Christian View of the History of Life.

6.     Darrel Falk:  More on God’s Creativity and Providence for the Unfolding of Life, An Evolutionary Creationist’s Perspective on the Universe.

7.      Stephen Meyer:  Understanding the Origins Issue: Defining Terms, Distinguishing Competing Scientific Theories, Assessing Theological Implications.

8.      Bruce Gordon:  The Nature of Nature. Some Implications of Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Particle Physics, etc., for the Essence of Our Universe.

9.      Walter Kaiser: The Theologies of Interpretations of the First Three Chapters of Genesis and Their Relationships to Our Faith & Science.

10.     Deborah Haarsma.  Astronomical Evidence that the Universe is Billions of Years Old.

Breakout Sessions II

Wednesday, October 27,  7:10-8:30 PM

11.   Deborah Haarsma:  Engaging Your Congregation: Training Children and Youth About Origins.

12.   Darrel Falk:  The BioLogos Foundation: Its Vision and Mission.

13.   Jack Collins:  Making sense of God’s Revelation in the Universe and the Bible, the Two Books Analogy.

14.   Walter Kaiser, Hugh Ross and Tremper Longman:  The Day-age and Literary Framework Views of Genesis and its Impact on Faith and on How we View the Universe.

15.   John Walton:  The Perspective of The Lost World of Genesis and How it Impacts the Principal Doctrines of Christianity and the Study of the Universe.

16.   Q&A with Walter Bradley:  Distortions, Misuse, and Abuse of Science?

17.   Q&A with Rob Norris:  More on The Nurture and Spiritual Formation of Technically Oriented Christ-followers.

18.   Q&A with Dinesh D’Souza:  More on Mobilizing Technically Oriented Christ Followers: Encouraging the Church to Engage and Transform the Culture.

19.   Bruce Gordon and Jeff Zweerink:  Taking the Measure of the Multiverse.


Breakout Sessions III

Thursday, October 28,  1:50-3:10 PM

21.   Paul Nelson:  Why it is a bad idea for Christians (or really anyone) to accept Methodological Naturalism.

22.   Q&A with Andy Crouch and Ross Hastings:  Categories and Considerations in the Faith & Science Dialogue; Going Forward with Grace and Truth.

23.   Q&A with Dinesh D’SouzaWhat’s So Great About ChristianityLife After Death, and Other Topics.

24.   Deborah Haarsma:  Engaging Your Congregation: Creation Care and Sustainability. 

25.   Q&A with Bill Dembski:  The Status and Implications of The Law of the Conservation of Information.

26.   Darrel Falk and Stephen Meyer with Randy Isaac and Doug Axe. Walter Bradley, moderator. Origin of Life.

27.   Q&A with Walter Kaiser, Jack Collins, Fazale Rana, and Hugh Ross. Death Before the Fall? A Discussion of the Biblical Account, the Scientific Evidence, and Theological Implications.

28.   Q&A with John Walton and Tremper Longman:  Faith & Science in Genesis: What’s all the Fuss?

29.   Q&A with Dennis Venema and Doug Axe:  Two Christian Biologists Discuss the Scientific Evidence for (and against) the Darwinian Mechanism.

30.   Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth.  The Bible and Geology - Evidence God Left Behind Which  Shows That Life has Evolved, and Remarkable Ways Discoveries Resonate with Scripture.

Breakout Sessions IV

Thursday, October 28,  3:30-4:50 PM

31.    Jeff Zweerink:  Impact Events:  How to Challenge Your Students Using Science.

32.   Q&A with Bill Dembski:  Randomness by Design

33.    Rob Koons:  Classical Natural Theology: St. Thomas Aquinas as an Intelligent Design Pioneer.

34.    Q&A with Jack Collins, Dennis Venema, Tremper Longman and Fazale Rana:  Faith & Science in Genesis: Origin of Man, Origin of Man’s Soul, Adam and Eve.

35.    Q&A with John Walton, Walter Kaiser, and Hugh Ross. Faith & Science in Genesis: Origin of Man, Origin of Man’s Soul, Adam and Eve.

36.    Q&A.

37.    Q&A with Walter Bradley:  Science and Technology in the Service of the Poor.

38.    Q&A with Randy Isaac:  Understanding Information.

39.    Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Richard Sternberg and Doug Axe:  Scientific Challenges to Neo-Darwinism.  Moderator:  Walter Bradley

40.    Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth:  Evidence God Left Behind Indicating the Earth is Ancient.

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