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Plenary Speakers and Their Presentations for:

Symposium 1

How Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science

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Andy Crouch

Andy CrouchChristianity Today (also culture-making.com)
Christian Vision vs. Naturalistic Vision: What is at Stake and
A Call for Graceful Discourse Among Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Ross Hastings Ross HastingsRegent College
Genesis, Creation, Origins, and Evolution:
How is The Pilgrim to sort it all out as he seeks the Celestial City?
Dan Heinze Dan Heinze, Geophysicist
Science Cannot be God.  What is science?  What are some limitations?
What are some implications?
Hugh Ross Hugh RossReasons to Believe
How Fine-tuning of the Universe in its Basic Design and
Specific Unfolding Support Christianity.
Fazale Rana Fazale RanaReasons to Believe
How Fine-tuning in the Design and Specific Unfolding
of the Biosphere Support Christianity
Darrel Falk Darrel FalkBioLogos Foundation
God’s Creativity and Providence for the Unfolding of Life:
An Evolutionary Creationist’s Perspective on the Universe.
Stephen C. Meyer Stephen MeyerDiscovery Institute
The Origin and Unfolding of Life: An Intelligent Design Perspective.
Deborah Haarsma Deborah HaarsmaCalvin College
Not Just Origins:  Engaging Science in the Life of Your Congregation
through Creation Care, Worship, and Education.
Jack Collins Jack CollinsCovenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri
Interpretation of Genesis: Creation, Adam and Eve,
and The Impact of the Fall
Walter Bradley Walter BradleyBaylor University
What are the Dangers of Science?
Rob Norris Rob Norris, Senior PastorFourth Presbyterian Church,  Bethesda, MD
The Nurture and Spiritual Formation of
Technically Oriented Christ-followers
Dinesh D’Souza Dinesh D’Souza, Writer-Speaker
Mobilizing Technically Oriented Christ Followers to help
the church witness with fearless, culture transforming integrity.
Alister McGrath Alister McGrathKing’s College, London
Vision for the Church: Science, Faith and Society in 2030 and
How We Start on That Road Today.

NOTE: Alister will deliver his plenary talk from England.

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