Symposia and conferences to bring together thought leaders, pastors and other Christian leaders, and interested lay people to interact on the intersection of Christianity and Science. Events focus on theology, science and philosophy of science.




Single-day events held in non-church venues (pubs, tea houses, restaurants, etc.) to hear presentations from Christian thought leaders on topics in the areas of business, government, the environment, family, education, human rights issues, etc. Facilitated group discussion in an atmosphere of authenticity complemented by graciousness follow the presentations.




Symposia and conferences for pastors, Church leaders, and artists. Addressing the intersection of Christianity and Art, with particular attention given to the relationship of the Church and artists, these events are designed to help Christians think about art and artists with the heart and mind of Christ. We seek to help churches embrace and empower the artists among them and to welcome and make space for the unique gifts of each one.




Single-day events exploring topics of interest to the Body of Christ in the arena of Education. Guest speakers include thought leaders, government leaders, parents, and teachers.


The Works of C.S. Lewis & Friends


Perhaps the greatest inspiration outside of the Bible for how we are to live our lives on this Earth is the work of C.S. Lewis. Hill Country Institute’s first events were on topics centered in the works of Lewis. Over the years, we continue to explore aspects of our spiritual lives through the lens of Lewis’s work.


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