On what players and devices does the Hill Country Institute Live podcast work?


The Hill Country Institute Live podcast is created in MP3 format.  Therefore, it will work on all modern media players and devices.  Hill Country Institute recommends using Apple's iTunes, which is available as a free download.  You can access the download here.

You can also subscribe with a variety of methods and readers using our Feedburner account here.


How do I retrieve the podcasts?


Most media players retrieve podcasts automatically.  Hill Country Institute recommends you use Apple's iTunes for this service.  When you open iTunes, the podcast will automatically be downloaded.


How can I have my computer automatically update/check for new podcasts?


See the iTunes tutorial.  There are several video tutorials you can watch to see how it all works.


The podcast doesn't show up for the days I don't open iTunes.  Why not?


iTunes is designed to download the most recent podcast.  Since Hill Country Institute Live creates a new podcast each week, iTunes skips the podcast when you skip a week.  In your podcast listing, you will see triangles next to each episode.  Click on the triangle, and you'll see a list of recently aired broadcasts.  If you would like to catch up, just click the "get" button and iTunes will download that episode for you.  Podcast apps on mobile devices will usually have a link that says "Download all episodes", "Add old episodes", or something similar.


The episodes are quite long. Can I stop listening and return to the place I left off later on?


If you are listening to a podcast in iTunes on your computer, once you hit PAUSE, the episode will start back from the beginning once you return to it.  On mobile devices, however, you can hit PAUSE and return to the episode later, and it will start where you left off.


It seems like I was automatically unsubscribed from the podcast - what happened?


iTunes has a feature to save space on your hard drive.  If you stop listening to the podcast for several days weeks in a row, iTunes will then stop downloading the messages.  If this happens, you will see a "!" icon next to the title.  If you click on this icon, you can automatically download the missed episodes. 


How can I support Hill Country Institute Live podcast financially?


Hill Country Institute is pleased to make the podcasting service available at no charge.  However, you can support the Hill Country Institute events and programming. Donating is simple!  You can donate online here or mail a check made out to Hill Country Institute to:  P.O. Box 1664  |  Austin, TX  78767-1664.