We have created a vast library of audio and video recordings of talks presented at Hill Country Institute events. You can browse through the library and select from a wide range of topics related to the intersection of faith and science, culture, art, education, and more. There are also talks on various aspects of the works of C.S. Lewis and friends. All resources are available at no cost and may be streamed for any audience.

In addition to our online resource library, we also produce a podcast called “Hill Country Institute Live”. Curated from the weekly radio talk show of the same name, the Hill Country Institute Live podcast is hosted by Larry Linenschmidt, Executive Director of Hill Country Institute, and includes interviews with thought leaders who share their insights on issues of concern and interest to the Church today.

Hill Country Institute has had the great blessing of being able to present world-class speakers at our events. Thought leaders and experts in their fields of study, each of these distinguished speakers has shared their wisdom and insight to help event attendees explore and consider issues of concern for the Christian faith in current cultural and societal contexts. Each speaker is carefully selected through personal relationships and/or references from trusted contacts.