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Hill Country Institute is a resource for Christians considering the intersection of faith and culture as they seek to live missionally in the world today. Our interaction with a pluralistic culture calls for careful thought, application of Biblical principles, and a humble willingness to prepare to explain the gospel message in the “free marketplace of ideas”, as Francis Schaeffer wrote. Winsome and lively expressions and applications of Christian thought in our daily lives and in the myriad of aspects of culture which confront us are both the challenge and the joy of our work at the Hill Country Institute.

Our key goal is to serve the Body of Christ by bringing together orthodox Christian thought leaders to address issues of concern to followers of Christ and those who may be considering his place in our times. We work to address those issues in a variety of forums such as conferences, symposiums, written articles to be presented on our web site and articles and books to be published. Hill Country Institute creates a "Third Space" that the Church itself cannot create. That space can be inhabited by Christians and non-Christians alike to freely think and dialogue about important ideas that impact the world we live in. 

Learn more about HCI and its impact by watching this short video featuring a pastor, an artist, a scholar and a scientist with their personal impressions on the work of Hill Country Institute.

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