A “Third Space” 

A pastor who is well-acquainted with the work of Hill Country Institute once said, “Hill Country institute provides a ‘Third Space’, something the Local Church cannot do.”* The term “third space” describes a space that is outside of the other two spaces humans interact; ie., work and home or work and church. It is a space that allows people to come out of their silos and meet together in a non-judgmental, non-controlling atmosphere. Most notably, it is a safe space in which people who normally do not interact with each other or who may interact but only in competing opposition can come into for gracious and respectful dialogue about topics which they may or may not agree upon.


The key goal of Hill Country Institute is to serve the Body of Christ by bringing together orthodox Christian thought leaders to address issues of concern to followers of Christ and those who may be considering his place in our times. In a variety of forums such as conferences, symposiums, and seminars, we work to create a space that can be inhabited by Christians and non-Christians alike to freely think and dialogue about important ideas that impact the world we live in.

While some of our events are held in churches, many of them are held in venues outside of the church such as pubs, retreat centers, tea houses, university campuses, and restaurants. We welcome anyone to attend who is interested in exploring ideas and issues related to faith and culture in a gracious, respectful manner.

*Jonathan Dodson, Pastor of City Life Church, Austin, Texas

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