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Common Descent Debate

Science carries great authority in our culture. For much of the public, however, aspects of the scientific enterprise are marked by controversy. Near the top of that list is evolution, a theory widely held by scientists to be the cornerstone of modern biology. Yet over the past decade, in the face of unexpected genetic discoveries, even some evolutionary biologists have openly questioned Darwin's "Tree of Life" — the theory of common descent of all life on Earth from a single organism.

In this forum, two philosophers of biology with expertise in the area debated the current status and the future of Common Descent. Velasco defended the mainstream evolutionary position; Nelson challenged it.

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Science Cannot Be God: What is Science? Some Limitations. Some Implications

Dan's commission is to reflect on what science can tell us and what it can't; to give a humble but accurate qualification of what human investigation can contribute to our lives; one that is not too high and not to low. For several generations many in science have been saying that Christianity does not have a place at the table; that Christianity has no contribution to make. The information that Dan presents in this talk gives strong indications from science that if we are to have confident answers in the areas that matter to us most, Divine revelation must play the dominant role, not human investigation. The essence of science is inextricably interwoven with its limits. When our understanding of the limits of science changes, our understanding of science itself changes.

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