Faith & Art

Conferences to bring together thought leaders, pastors and other christian leaders, as well as interested lay people to interact on the topic of Art in the Church. events focus on the role of Art in the Church, care for the artists among us, and more.


Transforming Culture

[2008, Austin, TX]
Speakers: Jeremy Begbie, Andy Crouch, Barbara Nicolosi, Eugene Peterson, David Taylor and John Witvliet
This symposium brought together pastors, church leaders and artists to discuss the Church’s relation to the arts and to artists. There were three main areas we focused on:

1) art and the worship of the Church

2) artists and the community of the Church

3) art and the mission of the Church in the renewal culture



More Than Meets the Ear: What Does Music Have to do With God?

[2015, San Antonio, TX]
Speaker: Jeremy Begbie

Dr. Begbie presented a one-of-a-kind lecture series on the unique ways in which we can know and express God through music. Dr. Begbie, a well-known and greatly loved speaker and teacher whose messages bring hope, encouragement, and inspiration, used music to demonstrate Kingdom Truths.

Hill Country Institute co-sponsored this event with the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas' Commission on Liturgy and Music.


In Defense of the Eye II: The Reconstructive Role of Beauty in Our Public Places

[2007, First Evangelical Free Church of Austin, Austin, TX]
Speaker: David Taylor, Sandra Bowden, and Larry Linenschmidt