Faith & Science

Symposia and conferences to bring together thought leaders, pastors and other christian leaders, and interested lay people to interact on the intersection of christianity and science. events focus on theology, science and philosophy of science.

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Common Descent

[2016, St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX]
Speakers: Joel Velasco (Texas Tech University) and Paul Nelson (Discovery Institute)

Science carries great authority in our culture. For much of the public, however, aspects of the scientific enterprise are marked by controversy. Near the top of that list is evolution, a theory widely held by scientists to be the cornerstone of modern biology. Yet over the past decade, in the face of unexpected genetic discoveries, even some evolutionary biologists have openly questioned Darwin's "Tree of Life" — the theory of common descent of all life on Earth from a single organism.

In this forum, two philosophers of biology with expertise in the area debated the current status and the future of
common descent. Velasco defended the mainstream evolutionary position; Nelson challenged it.


Creation: Biblical Options
A Gracious Dialogue

[2011, Houston, TX]
Speakers: Todd Beall, Craig Blaising, Ligon Duncan, Walter Kaiser, John Mark Reynolds, John Walton, Bruce Waltke
Held in Houston, Texas, this event provided a forum for gracious dialogue imbued with mutual respect among thoughtful, prominent Christian theologians and teachers. In our present human state, we all “see through a glass darkly”; we are told that our minds cannot fully conceive what God is doing, and God tells us that some mysteries He is revealing to the Church and some He is not. There are hermeneutical tensions and theological “costs” for any position that we take.

What are the tensions and costs that we personally are most comfortable with? Creation: Biblical Options/A Gracious Dialogue was designed to be a safe place where loving, wise, discerning Christian leaders helped us see different possibilities regarding what God is revealing in His word and gain an understanding and appreciation for different tensions and costs that others are more comfortable with. We sought to understand the tensions, strengths, and weaknesses of each position, their relationships, and their alleged and real impacts on theology and doctrines.


The Vibrant Dance of Faith & Science - Symposium I
How Science Supports Christianity and Christianity Explains Science

[2010, Austin, TX]
Speakers: Andy Crouch, Ross Hastings, Dan Heinze, Hugh Ross, Fazale Rana, Darrel Falk, Stephen Meyer, Deborah Haarsma, Jack Collins, Rob Norris, Dinesh D’Souza, Alister McGrath
More than ever before, recent scientific discovery is both confirming and illuminating our Christian faith. From progressive-creationism to theistic-evolution, including intelligent design, there is a wide spectrum of interpretations of both science and the fact-and-mode of God’s creative activity.

Informed, gracious discourse will be a key to furthering the gospel of Christ and enriching the enterprise of science.

The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science Symposium 1 was a series of symposia and online resources to inspire, equip, and unify the Church to transform cultures.


Why Science Cannot be God—The Limitations of Science Evoke an Expectation of Divine Revelation

Speaker: Dan Heinze, Geophysicist


Science and Faith: Complementary or in Conflict?
Current Topics in the Debate

Speaker: Dr. Walter Bradley, Professor Emeritus


The Great Debate: Was Darwin Wrong?



What Has Design Ever Done for Science?—
Considering the Intelligent Design Movement

Speaker: Dr. Angus Menuge