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In What Way is Art a Gift, a Calling, and an Obedience

In what way, that is, does art tell us about the nature of God (that everything is gift), the nature of human beings (that we are made in the image of a Gift-giver), and the nature of earth-tilling and Gospel-living (that we are responsible servants who have been commissioned to make artistic culture in the context of a fallen world)?

Our desire here is to help pastors understand the relation of art to God, to ourselves as humans, and to our calling as culture-makers, filling the earth with artistic goodness one square inch at a time. This talk is foundational in nature and is presupposed by the remainder of the plenary talks in the Transforming Culture recordings.

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Flourish: Embracing a Life of Love, Risk, and True Power

What does human flourishing look like? Is it possible today? If so, how? How can power be used to help others flourish?

We all know how power can be used to tear down others. Can it be used to build up? To bring life and freedom to others? If so, how?

What hinders human flourishing? What are the idols that we set up in our own lives and in our societies that snatch away all that is good and beautiful?

How does power lead to injustice and yet be used to defeat injustice?

Andy Crouch talks about these issues at this talk given in Austin, Texas.

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Christian Vision vs. Naturalistic Vision: What is at Stake? and A Call for Gracious Discourse Among Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Christianity and science are like neighbors who share a long, contested border. At stake in the way we relate to our scientific "neighbors" are matters of ultimate concern, including the credibility of Christianity and the flourishing of human beings as the image bearers of the world's Creator and Lord. Yet, precisely because of our faith, we are able to engage these significant issues with grace instead of legalism, hope instead of fear, and love for our neighbors, both in the secular world and within the diversity of the Christian community.

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