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Faith and Science and Community and Diversity in the Body of Christ

Pastoral perspectives on how to dialogue on controversial issues, such as faith and science, while honoring Christ and remaining faithful to scripture and orthodox Christian belief. Presented in a Q&A format, this breakout session offered an opportunity for further discussion of Ross's plenary presentation entitled: The "That" and the "How" of Creation: Foundations and Forward Motion for Pilgrims in Unity

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Christian Vision vs. Naturalistic Vision: What is at Stake? and A Call for Gracious Discourse Among Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Christianity and science are like neighbors who share a long, contested border. At stake in the way we relate to our scientific "neighbors" are matters of ultimate concern, including the credibility of Christianity and the flourishing of human beings as the image bearers of the world's Creator and Lord. Yet, precisely because of our faith, we are able to engage these significant issues with grace instead of legalism, hope instead of fear, and love for our neighbors, both in the secular world and within the diversity of the Christian community.

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