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Randomness by Design

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin." John von Neumann's famous dictum points an accusing finger at all who set their ordered minds to engender disorder. Despite the danger of being branded a heretic, Dembski wants to argue that randomness entails no moral deficiency. He even advocates that random number generators be constructed with reckless abandon, though a reckless abandon that is well thought out. Randomness, properly to be randomness, must leave nothing to chance. It must look like chance, like a child of the primeval chaos. But underneath a keen intelligence must be manipulating and calculating, taking advantage of this and that expedient so as systematically to concoct confusion.

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Law of Conservation of Information

Complex Specified Information is intrinsically a part of the biological world. Such information in the biosphere is not significantly accrete by natural processes or random processes or any combination thereof operating upon it. This is a key example of the Law of the Conservation of Information. Its status and implications will be discussed and explored.

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