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Randomness by Design

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin." John von Neumann's famous dictum points an accusing finger at all who set their ordered minds to engender disorder. Despite the danger of being branded a heretic, Dembski wants to argue that randomness entails no moral deficiency. He even advocates that random number generators be constructed with reckless abandon, though a reckless abandon that is well thought out. Randomness, properly to be randomness, must leave nothing to chance. It must look like chance, like a child of the primeval chaos. But underneath a keen intelligence must be manipulating and calculating, taking advantage of this and that expedient so as systematically to concoct confusion.

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Classical Natural Theology: St. Thomas Acquinas as an ID Pioneer

Recently, several Thomists (Ed Feser, Frank Beckwith) have argued that St. Thomas Aqinas's Aristotelian philosophy is fundamentally at odds with the intelligent design movement, because Thomism conceives of God's design of the world as immanent to nature, and not based on a series of discrete interventions in a mostly autonomous material world. This attack is based both on a misunderstanding of the nature of an Aristotelian philosophy of biology and on a misconception of the fundamental issue that is at stake in the ID/Darwinian debate. Darwinists propose that chance plays an indispensable role in the formation of all living kinds. Thomists must utterly reject the notion that biological form could arise from chance processes.

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